Ing. Marek BÚRAN

  • 2023

Búran, M., Kopera, L., Melišek, T., and Kováč, P.: E–I characteristics and critical currents of small Bi-2223/Ag coil thermally stabilized by solid and liquid nitrogen compared to water ice, Supercond. Sci Technol. 36 (2023) 105013.

Búran, M., Kováč, P., Kopera, L., and Hušek, I.: Thermal stability of 6-filament MgB2 wire with resistive CuNi sheath cooled by liquid He and water ice, Cryogenics 133 (2023) 103694.

Srivastava, N., Mehrotra, S., Sharma, D., Shalini, Búran, M., Hušek, I., Goswami, Kováč, P., and Santra, S.: Effect of wire diameter on structure and electrical properties of (Al + Al2O3)-sheathed MgB2 with Nb barrier, Ceram. Inter. 49 (2023) A34627-34637.

Srivastava, N., Mehrotra, S., Búran, M., Hušek, I., Sharma, D., Kováč, P., and Santra, S.: Interfacial reactions and critical current density of Cu-sheathed Cu-doped MgB2 wire with Ti diffusion barrier, J. Alloys Comp. 966 (2023) 171657.

Kováč, P., Berek, D., Melišek, T., Kováč, J., Hušek, I., Búran, M., Lee, D.G., and Choi, J.H.: Influence of filament number and size on the basic properties of in situ made MgB2 wires, Supercond. Sci Technol. 36 (2023) 045014.

  • 2022

Fos, A., Švec, P., Janotová, I., Janičkovič, D., Butvinová, B., Búran, M., Kyritsi, A., Konstantinidis, N., and Novák, P.: Effect of Cu and Co addition on non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of rapidly quenched Fe-Sn-B based alloys, J. Non-Crystall. Solids 593 (2022) 121785.

Kováč, P., Kopera, L., Berek, D., Hain, M., Melišek, T., Hušek, I., Kováč, J., and Búran, M.: High-current-density Rutherford MgB2 cable sheathed by CuNi30 alloy, Supercond. Sci Technol. 35 (2022) 115003.

Búran, M., Kopera, L., and Kováč, P.: Transport measurement of MgB2 wire under the sub-cooled water ice compared to other cooling conditions, Supercond. Sci Technol. 35 (2022) 105004.

Kováč, P., Búran, M., and Kopera, L.: Behaviour of Al2O3-oxide insulated and non-insulated superconducting MgB2 coils cooled by water ice, Supercond. Sci Technol. 35 (2022) 095007.

Kováč, P., Melišek, T., Kováč, J., Búran, M., Hušek, I., Rindfleisch, M., and Tomsic, M.: DC characterization of advanced fine-filamentary MgB2 superconducting wires, Supercond. Sci Technol. 35 (2022) 055004.

Kováč, P., Kopera, L., Melišek, T., Búran, M., Hušek, I., Berek, D., and Kováč, J.: Water ice-cooled MgB2 coil made by wind and react process, Supercond. Sci Technol. 35 (2022) 055001.

  • 2021

Búran, M., Kováč, P., Kopera, L., and Melišek, T.: I-V characteristics of MgB2 conductors with different metallic sheaths, Cryogenics 120 (2021) 103370.

Mošať, M., Šouc, J., Vojenčiak, M., Solovyov, M., Búran, M., and Gömöry, F.: Influence of current change rate during DC current limitation on the coated conductor degradation, IEEE Trans. Applied Supercond. 31 (2021) 5601905.

Kováč, P., Kováč, J., Perez, N., Scheiter, J., Búran, M., Kopera, L., Hušek, I., Melišek, T., and Berek, D.: Low‐purity Cu and Al sheathed multi‐core MgB2 wires made by IMD process, Supercond. Sci Technol. 34 (2021) 075010.

Fos, A., Švec, P.Sr., Švec, P.Jr., Janotová, I., Janičkovič, D., Tiwari, R., and Búran, M.: Effect of annealing on microstructure of rapidly quenched Fe-Sn-B based alloys, AIP Conf. Proc. 2411 (2021) 050003.

  • 2020

Pekarčíková, M., Mišík, J., Drienovsky, M., Krajčovič, J., Vojenčiak, M., Búran, M., Mošať, M., Húlan, T., Skarba, M., Cuninková, E., and Gömöry, F.: Composite heat sink material for superconducting tape in fault current limiter applications, Materials 13 (2020) 1832.

  • 2019

Búran, M., Vojenčiak, M., Mošať, M., Ghabeli, A., Solovyov, M., Pekarčíková, M., Kopera, Ľ., and Gömöry, F.: Impact of a REBCO coated conductor stabilization layer on the fault current limiting functionality, Supercond. Sci Technol. 32 (2019) 095008.