Prednáška prof. Dr. Jani Kotakoski


ElÚ SAV, v.v.i. pozýva na prednášku prof. Dr. Jani Kotakoski  (Phys. Nanostructured Mater., Univ. Vienna): Atomic-scale tailoring of 2D materials

Dňa 2. 12. 2022, 11,00 hod., veľká zasadačka ElÚ SAV.


Graphene – the one-atom-thick sheet of carbon – is the most famous of 2D materials due to its unique electronic properties and mechanical strength. However, for many applications its pristine form needs to be altered by the introduction of defects such as vacancies or impurity atoms. In this presentation, I will give an overview of our recent breakthroughs in the manipulation of graphene and other 2D materials using a unique interconnected vacuum system containing an aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (Nion UltraSTEM 100) with a unique objective area that allows sample cleaning via laser, in situ chemical experiments, and direct vacuum transfer to an atomic force microscope (AFSEM by GeTEC Microscopy), an argon glove box, target chamber with a plasma ion source and
evaporators, and long term vacuum sample storage.