Prednáška Dr. Sarah M. Bayer-Skoff


ElÚ SAV pozýva na prednášku Dr. Sarah M. Bayer-Skoff (Atominstitut, TU Wien): Enhancing light-matter interactions for quantum technologies

Dňa 24. 11. 2022, 11,00 hod., veľká zasadačka ElÚ SAV.

Photons are ideal carriers of information. They are very fast, can be easily manipulated
and detected and transported with low loss over vast distances in optical fiber networks.
With the advent of quantum technologies, one now seeks to use photons not only as
carriers but also to process quantum information. This has sparked the quest for nonlinear
interactions at very low signal levels eventually down to single quanta of light.
In my talk, I will give an overview of our approach to enhance the interaction between
light and matter by employing solid-state quantum emitters, waveguides and cavities. Our
quantum emitters of choice are dye molecules in organic nanocrystals and colour centers
in 2D materials, where the latter are particularly interesting due to their remarkable
properties even at room temperature. I will show how we can interface these emitters
with optical waveguides, which provide a strong transverse confinement of the light field.
By employing cavities in addition to such waveguides the light-matter interaction can be
further increased, which makes such platforms suitable for various constituents of
quantum networks. These cavities have also been shown to work equally well at room
temperature and cryogenic temperatures, where the latter is often a requirement for
solid-state systems due to the phonons from the host material. However due to the 2D
nature of the host material, quantum emitters in 2D hexagonal Boron nitride may provide
a platform for quantum technology that could also operate at room temperature and I will
give an overview of recent measurements with these emitters and give an outlook of our
endeavour to bring solid-state quantum optics to a room temperature environment.