Publikačný seminár

  • J. Osvald:
    Fast and slow traps in Al2O3/(GaN)/AlGaN/GaN heterostructures studied by conductance
    Physica E

  • M. Mruczkiewicz:
    Spin excitation spectrum in a magnetic nanodot with continuous transitions between the
    vortex, Bloch-type skyrmion, and Néel-type skyrmion states
    Physical Rev. B

  • Spin-wave nonreciprocity and magnonic band structure in a thin permalloy film induced by
    dynamical coupling with an array of Ni stripes
    Physical Rev. B

  • M. Solovyov:
    Bulk and CC-Tape based superconducting shields for magnetic cloaks
    IEEE Trans. Applied Supercond.

  • J. Šouc:
    Superconducting HTS coil made from round cable cooled by liquid nitrogen flow
    Supercond. Sci Technology