About department

Head: Ing. Mozola Pavol

Deputy Head:


   Technical support (TS) provides all the necessary services for the Institute including media, water, and electricity supply and heating. An important part of its duty is to provide liquid nitrogen supply for internal and external customers. Together with the scientific departments, TS assists in the development and manufacturing of the components used in the experimental work.


  • Specialized craft work for manufacturing of the experimental apparatus and components, consulting of the technical procedure (R. VanekJ. Volko)
  • Maintenance of the electrical compliances, electrical connection to the technological equipments and local electric power distribution grids (V. Ogrodnik)
  • Maintenance of the water and heating pipe work, connection of the cooling systems to the equipments, welding
  • Cleaning service (Irena Vinczeková, Kvetoslava Hamburgová)