Basic duties

  • If you need an accomodation in SAS dorm in Devínska Nová Ves, you can fill out an application, Mrs Anna Gömöry (you can find her in library, room 103) will help you.
  • Official freshmen registration is held on Faculty, not at our institute. Mrs Gömöry will provide you with the specifics such as date  and venue.
  • During your studies, you will have to attend the English classes (at least) for one semester. Classes and exam will be provided either by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology (FEI STU) or by Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics, Comenius University (FMFI UK), both in Bratislava. You can resolve the proper faculty during the freshmen registration. English classes are compulsory for every PhD. student in our institute.
  • You will also have to compose your study plan. Your supervisor will help you. After that it is necessary to fill out related form in academic information system (AIS) online:  (FEI STU) and (FMFI UK)
  • Important part of your studies is passing several mandatory exams.
    Those, who will be assigned to FEI STU and therefore will be doing their exams there will need a receiptacknowledging you passed the exam. You simply give this to your examiner and he will give it back to you signed.
  • You can extend up your study. Head of the institute may employ you for the time of your extension. For that case you will need the application.
    The length of PhD. study for Physics of condensed matter and acoustics is 4 years. According rules for FMFI assigned students, extension is possible through formal interruption of studies. More than one interruption is allowed, but the overall interruption period length may not exceed one year/12 months. Interruption application form for FMFI students.
    The length of PhD. study for Electronic and Photonic and  Physical Engineering is 3 years.  Applications for studies extension  and for remission of tuition fee which saves you ca. 500 EUR per each year you are extending your studies have to be filled-out and given to Mrs Anna Gömöry.
  • On most of Fridays there is a small seminar in room 101 at 10:00 on the 1st. floor. It is called ‘Journal Reading’ and it is compulsory for all PhD. students working in our institute. Your obligation for this happening will involve reading a recent scientific paper – chairman Juraj Feilhauer (sitting on 5th floor) will gladly help you with choice and prepare a 10 min. talk presenting information you read in that paper. But don’t get confused – each Friday there are two speakers so each of us has his round only 2 – 3 times per semester. Besides obtaining an obvious benefits such as developing your presenting skills and English you will also get some credits for your study.
  • Your most obvious duty will be active participation in scientific research which is what you actually applied for. By doing this you will be also rewarded by credits.
  • In June (in the end of school year) there is an annual evaluation of PhD. students. Your supervisor will do the paperwork for you. Following procedure is presentation of scientific results and visions in front of Scientific Council which obliges you to compose a short presentation of your past and/or future work in our institute. The presentation should be ca. 15 min. (10 min. presentation + 5 min. discussion) long.
  • As a doctoral student you are obliged to publish at least one paper (as the first author) in journal belonging to Current Contents during your studies.