Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences

14th International Workshop on Heterostructure Technology

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TimeSunday, October 2
16:00Registration at the Smolenice Castle
20:00Welcome Reception
TimeMonday, October 3
9:00Opening ceremony
9:10M. I. Alonso
Optical studies of structural properties in advanced semiconductor structures
9:40L. PeternaiGreen-amber InxGa1-xP/GaP based LEDs directly grown on graded buffer substrate
9:55B. RheinlaenderCylindric resonators with coaxial Bragg-reflectors
10:10D. WhiteheadEnhanced photonic properties of thin opaline films as a consequence of embedded nanoparticles
10:25D. PudišLateral mode identification from spectral investigation of MQW laser devices using NSOM
10:40Coffee Break
11:00J. Kováč
Recent advances in organic electronics
11:30T. RochGrowth of optoelectronic nanostructures
11:45A. VinczeCharacterisation of In1-x-yAlxGayP / InxGa1-xP graded buffer / GaP structures for LEDs using SEM and SIMS
12:00J. PrażmowskaDouble quantum well solar cells
12:15V. CambelSwitching properties of permalloy elements observed directly by Hall sensor
14:00Y. Nanishi
Preparation and properties of InN and InGaN layers and heterostructures
14:30D. TheronHEMTs with InP and InAsP channel for 94 GHz applications
14:45A. SozzaTraps characterization in Si-doped GaN/AlGaN/GaN HEMT on SiC by means of low frequency techniques
15:00Y. CordierAlGaN/GaN/AlGaN DH-HEMTs grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Silicon (111)
15:15A. ChiniEffect of CF4/O2 plasma damage on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
15:30A. PedrósGate-biased SAW devices on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures
15:45M. ZervosDesign and fabrication of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor sensors for analysis of aqueous nano- and pico-droplets
16:00Coffee Break
16:20H. Hardtdegen
MOVPE III-nitride growth for high frequency and/or high power application
16:50S. JoblotHigh-electron-mobility AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown on Si(001) by molecular beam epitaxy
17:05R. KorbutowiczGaN thick layers deposited by HVPE
17:20A. AdikimenakisProperties of GaN and AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
17:35J. ŠkriniarováPhotoenhanced wet chemical etching of N-GAN
17:50Á. NemcsicsElectrochemical defect investigation in mismatched heteroepitaxial structure
18:05M. BardosovaPhotoluminescence of multilayers of rhodamine-labelled silica spheres deposited by the LB method
18:20F. ChalvetSynthesis of Germanium-infilled opal photonic crystals using supercritical fluids
18:35M. E. PembleGaAs infilling of synthetic opals by ALD
TimeTuesday, October 4
8:30M. Leys
In-situ passivation of advanced GaN structures
9:00P. KúdelaInfluence of passivation on current collapse of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
9:15G. HeidelbergerInvestigation of AlGaN/GaN-based MOSHFET performance relative to conventional and SiO2-passivated HFETsInvestigation of AlGaN/GaN-based MOSHFET performance relative to conventional and SiO2-passivated HFETs
9:30M. AzizeInhibition of interface pollution in AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure regrown on semi insulating GaN templates
9:45H. El-HajjP-I-P MISFET structure with 150 nm contact spacing opened into a boron delta doped contact layer
10:00J. OsvaldDimensionally dependent barrier height in Ni/Au-AlGaN Schottky diodes
10:15A. TazzoliResistive RF-MEMS switches characterization and reliability
10:30Coffee Break
10:50Eva Monroy
III-Nitride based heterostructures for infrared optoelectronics
11:20M. MarsoBias-dependent spectral responsivity of AlGaN/GaN photodetectors based on an AlGaN/GaN/SiC HEMT layer structure
11:35A. ShchepetovFabrication of plasma wave HEMTs for THz applications
11:50M. MikulicsTraveling-wave photonic mixers on LT-GaAs for increased continuous terahertz power
12:05N. DemarinaAmplification of radiation at harmonics of a high-frequency field: Approach to electrically pumped superlattice oscillator for THz frequency range
17:00D. Grützmacher
Preparation and properties of 3-dimentional Si/Ge quantum dot crystals
17:30S. KičinLocal interaction between a quantum dot and a metallic tip of scanning probe microscope
17:45P. LacharmoisePhonon engineering in Si/Ge nanostructures
18:00A. BernardiCarbon-induced growth of self-assembled Germanium quantum dots: Interdiffusion and surface dynamics
18:15J. T. NgInvestigation of stacked self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot for 1.3µm applications
18:30F. Hernández Nanometric local surface modification and characterization of diamond in liquid environment
18:45A. E. ZhukovQuantum dots and lasers formed by metamorphic growth
20:00Conference Dinner
TimeWednesday, October 5
8:30M. Geller
Self-organized quantum dots for future memory devices
9:00J. S. ReparazCdSe quantum dots with ZnCdMgSe barriers emitting throughout the visible spectrum
9:15P. ŠtrichovanecElectrical and optical properties of QWIP structures grown by MOVPE
9:30J. J. MarešQuantum electron interference in nano-crystalline diamond films
9:45B. BoratynskiSubstrate and surface effects impact on MSM and MESFET performance
10:00F. DubeckýStudy of heterojunction blocking electrode technology in performance of radiation detectors based on bulk semi-insulating GaAs
10:15B. ZaťkoSemi-insulating GaAs radiation detectors with P+ blocking contact grown by MBE
10:30Coffee Break
10:50R. SrnanekMicro-Raman spectroscopy of InP-based structures on bevelled samples
11:05A. R. GoniMicro-Raman spectroscopy of residual strain in InGaAs/GaAs origami microtubes
11:20M. FlorovičZn delta-doped GaAs hetero-bipolar transistor structure investigations by Raman spectroscopy
11:35P. MachacImprovement of GePd ohmic contact to GaAs by Se adhesive layer
11:50J. HuranProperties of amorphous silicon carbide thin films deposited by PECVD at different temperature
12:05J. GrymNovel approach to micro-channel liquid phase epitaxy technique
12:20Closing Ceremony
13:30Conference Bus Departure