About department

Head: Ing. Fabian Jozef, CSc.

Deputy Head: Ing. Zofcsáková Marta


   Administrative Support (HSU) provides all the administration necessary for running of the Institute and some supportive activities for the research departments, mostly related to the administration of the research projects.


  • Budget, state treasury, VEGA projects, MVTS, summary of the accounting operations, analysis of finance management and statistics, supporting the economical figures for management, publication of contracts and invoices, technical support for telephone exchange and security system (Ing. Jozef Fabian, CSc.)
  • Personnel and wedge agenda, business trip accounting, personal data protection, coordination of the cleaning service and porters (Ing. Marta Zofcsáková)
  • Agenda related to business trips, inter-academy exchange, archives, propellant accounting (Mgr. Eva Žiačiková)
  • Stock-in inventory, state treasury, invoice handling for LN purchaser, capital purchases, data for fixed assets recording, contracts publishing (Edita Šimeková)
  • Purchases’ invoices administration, register of APVV and international projects exploitation, the accounting documents archives, preparation of audits for international projects, consolidation of final accounts (Darina Ružičková)
  • Cashier desk of the Institute, ordering and distribution of the lunch coupons, pay slips, possession inventory (Iveta Grófová)
  • IT helpdesk, network administrator (Martin Grujbár)
  • Porters – information, visitor registering, laundry handling (Edita Sýkorová,Karol Schwarz, Mária Zajíčková)