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The ASDAM '24 conference will be held in the House of Scientists of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at the Castle of Smolenice on October 20-23, 2024. The Castle of Smolenice lies in a beautiful countryside on the southern slopes of the Low Carpathians, approximately 50 km north-east of Bratislava. The bus connection from Bratislava AS Mlynské Nivy Bus Station or train connection from Bratislava Train Station (also known as Bratislava in Slovak) to Smolenice and back can be found at

Additional Info: the shortest route from Bratislava to Smolenice for those who prefer to drive a car
GPS:   Smolenice Castle, Slovakia (48.514046, 17.432780)
           Bratislava, Slovakia (48.145456, 17.128997)

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is located on the banks of the Danube river, about 60 km eastern from Vienna. The visitors are specially advised to use the services of the airport in Vienna-Schwechat, Austria, which lies approximately 60 km west of Bratislava. There are regular bus lines or taxi services from the airport in Schwechat to Bratislava. Timetables of the regular bus connection Vienna Schwechat - Airport-Bratislava AS Mlynské Nivy Bus Station and back are covered by several transport companies and can be found at Vienna International Airport website or The distance to Budapest and Prague is about 200 and 330 km, respectively. Coming from these directions IC and EC trains are recommended. However, high quality road ways from all directions are available for those who prefer to drive a car.