Research in the field of new solid-state devices has an increasingly direct impact on the development of information and communication, as well as microsystem technologies. The use of microsystem technology will facilitate the integration of signal recording (sensors), intelligent processing devices, and active elements in multifunctional microsystems.
The ASDAM '20 Conference is focused on information exchange about recent advances in the research and development of high technology devices and microsystems.

Materials, Technologies & Structures

Semiconductor and dielectric materials; high and low κ dielectrics; quantum heterostructures; MS, MSM, MIS structures; nanostructures; nanotubes; low-dimensional structures.


Semiconductor Devices & Nanodevices

Physics of semiconductor devices; Si-based heterostructure devices, III-V, III-N devices; quantum and resonance devices; microwave and mm-wave devices; nanodevices; lasers and photodetectors; particle detectors.


Modelling & Characterization

2-D/3-D process, structure and device simulation; heterostructure device modelling; structural, optical and electrical characterization of materials; structures and devices; reliability evaluation and modelling.


Microsystem Technology & Fabrication

Advanced concepts in the lithography; plasma etching and deposition techniques; surface and bulk micromachining; Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS, NEMS) design, fabrication and simulation.